Walk in TubsAging in place is a topic of discussion for many aging adults and their family members. Recent studies show that 90% of older adults would rather age in place than move into housing designed for seniors. When deciding whether a loved one can live independently in Chico, CA, safety is a major concern—particularly in the bathroom. Fortunately, as many older adults strive for independent living, bathroom product manufacturers and bathroom remodeling companies are working to make this goal a reality.

Walk-in tubs are one of the safest alternatives to traditional bathing options such as high-walled bathtubs that often lead to slips and falls. The bathtub replacement professionals at Selig Custom Construction are proud to offer simple, fast installation for walk-in tubs, and are well-versed in the numerous benefits these innovative and luxurious bathing solutions offer.

Safety Is the Top Priority

Above all, walk-in tubs are designed to reduce the chances of slips and falls in the bathroom, and they provide numerous safety features to prevent such occurrences. From slip-resistant floors and accessible safety bars to watertight doors for easy access, comfortable seating, and convenient handheld showers, walk-in tubs ensure a safe bathing environment.

Enhance Dignity and Self-Esteem

For older adults with mobility issues, bathing can be a difficult, strenuous, and painful task that requires assistance from a caregiver. Walk-in tubs allow anyone with mobility issues the opportunity to bath independently without being embarrassed to have a caregiver to lift them into a tub or assist with a wobbly shower seat. This increases self-esteem and confidence—and provides great satisfaction knowing that they can still complete important tasks in their Chico home.

Health Benefits GaloreWhile walk-in tubs are a popular choice based simply on their safety features, options such as hydrotherapy jets provide a variety of health benefits. The relaxing jets promote a healthy body by easing pain, soothing tired, achy muscles, improving blood circulation and immunity, and reducing painful swelling caused by arthritis and other joint injuries. Emotionally, hydrotherapy is also known to improve moods, reduce the symptoms of depression, and provide an overall feeling of well-being.

Built for Durability and Minimal Maintenance

Walk-in tubs crafted of strong, multi-layer acrylic are guaranteed to never fade, crack, chip, or blister. To alleviate the need for difficult, time-consuming cleaning, advanced technologies make acrylic walk-in tubs resistant to the accumulation of mold, mildew, and grime.

Installation is Simple, Fast, and Affordable

Most walk-in tubs can be fitted to an existing space, and installations can be done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bathroom renovation. With an experienced company like Selig Custom to complete a walk-in tub installation, you can enjoy a relaxing walk-in tub at a reasonable price in as little as one to two days!

Would you like to learn more about our safe, durable, and affordable walk-in tubs? From a new bathtub liner to walk-in tubs and new bathtubs, Selig Custom has all of your bathroom remodeling needs covered! Give us a call today or fill out our simple online contact form to request a free quote.