Replacement Siding

Are you thinking about getting replacement siding? Do you know what color you want, and maybe even what kind of texture? What about the siding material? At Selig Custom Construction, we know that there are many options for siding materials, more than most homeowners realize.

Before you settle on a color, take the time to learn more about what materials are available. Certain products are better suited for different circumstances than others. No matter what you choose, Selig always provides top-rated siding and work that is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Which Siding Should You Install?

Selig Custom Construction offers a range of siding material options for your home. From the affordable vinyl siding to extremely durable fiber cement. Each kind of siding comes with different characteristics that are best suited for certain environmental conditions. Our design team works closely with you to pick the right material to meet your needs. Let's take a look at the siding options from Selig:

โ—  Fiber Cement Siding: Made from a mixture of cellulose and cement, this siding option is very strong. It can stand up to wind, rain, impacts, and even fire. It is also easy to manufacturer in a range of textures from wood to stucco.

โ—  Insulated Vinyl: The extra layer of insulation provided by the foam core in this siding can help increase thermal efficiency. Insulated siding is also resistant against minor to moderate impacts, which is a good thing if you get lots of flying debris during storms.

โ—  Vinyl Siding: This material is widely available in dozens of colors for a cost-effective price. It's also easy to replace or repair when needed.

From Repair to Replacement Siding

At Selig, we strive to keep home exteriors looking great with a range of siding services. Our licensed, trained contractors can install siding on a new build, or install replacement siding on an existing home. We are also available to make repairs or just replace a section of siding that has been damaged by a storm or over time.

Selig Custom Construction can also come out to provide a complimentary siding inspection if you have noticed some issues. Our skilled installers will be able to identify any problems and provide an effective solution. For more information about our replacement siding or to get started right away, give us a phone call or fill out our convenient online contact form.