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Paradise Siding Replacement

The siding on your home is a feature that gets a lot of attention. Along with it being an element of your home that you can choose to add to your personal style, it also has specific functions that involve protecting your roof. We at Selig Construction are well versed in both ways siding can impact your house. With 20 years of experience in home construction, we are a siding replacement company in Paradise that offers many services and benefits that will increase the look and value of your home.

High-Quality Siding Replacement in Paradise

The siding on your home can be an area that is easily overlooked. Owners need to know how much siding impacts the look and function of their home. Siding protects your roof from extreme weather and can help prevent heat loss along with adding a stylish finish to your house.

Siding installation isn’t a task that you want to do without the help of professionals. We are siding installers that know the best practices to make this home project an easier one. In addition to a secure installation process, we also have many beautiful styles to choose from that offer many great benefits:

  • Maintenance Free Vinyl: Complete with a beautiful wood-like finish.
  • Non-Fading Color: Our siding is produced with color that goes all the way through to decrease fading.
  • Storm Resistant Options: Choose from category 5 wind resistant options.
  • Insulated Siding: Our insulated siding resists the amount of moisture that typical siding panels retain.
  • High-Quality Vinyl: Our high-quality vinyl siding repels periods of heavy rain.
  • Different Colors and Styles: Our company offers many colors and styles for you to choose from.

High-quality replacement siding options can be hard to find. With Selig Construction as your siding company, you won’t have to choose function over style or vice versa, with us you can have both great and affordable options.

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Our siding installers have years of knowledge and experience to assist you with your siding replacement project. You can choose both stylish and functional siding styles. Whether you are replacing vinyl siding or wood siding, our materials are built to last.

From our flexible financing and installation guarantee warranty, you will be taken care of from beginning to end. Contact us today to begin your free estimate.