Senior Safety

Whether you’re caring for an elderly loved one or aging in place yourself, the most hazardous room in your home is probably the bathroom. Experience just one slip and fall in the bath, and your family might have to say goodbye to independent living for good.

Fortunately, there’s a better way!

Since 1995, Selig Construction has been designing and installing senior safety bathrooms that eliminate some of the most serious hazards of traditional bathing environments. Our handicap-accessible tubs and showers are custom-designed for you, installed quickly, and made for a lifetime of confident bathing at home.

Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Company for Seniors

When it comes to senior-friendly bathroom renovations from Selig Construction, safety comes first—but style and value are never too far behind! Serving Chico as well as the rest of Northern California and Southern Oregon, we love helping families make the most of their accessible bathroom renovations, including aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, safety, and affordability.

Let us tell you.

With 20+ years of industry experience and a genuine care for our local communities, we do senior-safe bathroom remodeling the right way. We’ll work with you to choose, customize, and then install the five-star feature of your choice:

  • Walk-in Tubs: Enjoy the full-body relaxation of a comfortable bathtub along with an easy-swing door and super-low entry threshold. Thanks to our factory-certified installers, you’re sure to get the perfect fit.
  • Walk-in Showers: Slip-resistant flooring, a barrier-free base, and ADA-compliant grab bars make our walk-in showers completely worry-free for people of all ages. Add a shower stool and other accessories for even greater form and function!

Protect Your Loved Ones with Senior Safety Bathrooms Today

Don’t approach your bathroom with dread ever again! Get rid of its most dangerous elements and boost its style, too, with the senior safety bathrooms of Selig Construction. More than 12,000 homeowners have loved our safety-focused features and their many additional benefits:

  • 100% Customized Designs
  • Durable Acrylic That Resists Warping, Cracking, and Chipping
  • Remarkable Manufacturer Warranties
  • Fast Installations in Just One to Two Days!

To find out more about our easy-access walk-in tubs and showers, simply give the friendly crews of Selig Construction a call today. To request your free pricing right now, take a few seconds to fill out our simple online form.