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Palermo Replacement Windows

When you are thinking about replacing your windows, you may be spending a lot of time focused on styles, colors, and materials for those replacement windows. But it’s also important to pick out a quality window company for the job.

Selig Construction serving you since 1995!

Consider us for your next remodel if you are looking for a well-established team with custom-made products and lasting warranties. You can also enjoy a lot of variety in your window designs, starting with different types like:

  • Bay Windows

  • Double-Hung Windows

  • Garden Windows

  • Picture Windows

Premier Window Company Serving Palermo

Replacement window installation is a breeze with Selig taking care of the work. We’ll start you off with a complimentary quote for the project and assist with design selection. Our windows come with many features and options for framing materials, finishes, and final touches. You can enjoy a window replacement in any number of styles. Of course, the process starts by choosing from the following window types.

Bay Windows

Sometimes, you need a little extra room as well as light in your home. The arch of a bow window can provide a private nook where you can read or set up the breakfast table. It also allows for multiple types of windows in the frame including sliders, picture windows, and double-hung windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Speaking of the double-hung window is a very traditional style allowing easy access to fresh air and sunlight in narrow spaces. It also features an inward swinging sash so homeowners can easily clean the glass exterior without climbing up a ladder.

Garden Windows

A simple garden window may be the perfect choice for those who like to grow herbs and flowers indoors. If you have a green thumb your next big gardening purchase should be a window box for the kitchen or living room. You can keep all of your household plants in this window, even during winter.

Picture Windows

For a real statement maker, you want a picture window installed in the home. Add one to the living room to bring in the view. Put one in your second-floor bedroom to see the rooftops and open sky. It’s easy to open up your home without compromising on efficiency with our airtight, custom-made picture windows.

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Ready to get started with your replacement window installation in Palermo? Give Selig Construction a call to set up a free consultation and cost estimate today. We’ll be happy to go over our home remodeling services, explain the

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on our windows, and help you get started with the design process. You can also ask about our

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to make this project easier to afford.