Renovating your kitchen is a great way to improve home value, while also treating yourself to a beautiful new space. While you can find a top-quality remodeler for the job, it may not be easy to decide what designs to pick. If you are having some trouble with the many options for appliances, cabinets, and kitchen counters, here's a few examples of the top kitchen renovation trends for 2018 from Selig Construction. Going with these stylish options will help ensure that this space remains a contemporary highlight in the home.

Bright & Light Cabinets

One of the trends that is sticking around from the past few years are white and gray color themes. While most homeowners shy away from all-white kitchens, they do love the clean, streamlined look of this color. Homeowners can break up the white with kitchen counters and islands in an elegant shade of gray.

Gemstone Colors

Another trend starting to show up in kitchens is the use of dark jewel tones, such as emerald green, plum, and navy. Homeowners are adding cabinets with these shades or using them as accents in the backsplash and hardware. If you like darker kitchens, consider breaking out these lovely colors for your next kitchen renovation.

No Upper Cabinets

Homeowners are now taking the wall cabinets out of their kitchens to open up these spaces. Removing the upper cabinets can do a lot to make your kitchen seem more spacious. Consider this option if you are short on room. While you may lose some storage, you can add a little back in with open shelves that won't seem as imposing.

Streamlined Designs

Most homeowners are opting for simple patterns and designs in their kitchen. Mid-century modern and farmhouse kitchen styles are the embodiment of streamlined, practical designs. Yet, it doesn't have to be boring. Look out for plain cabinet doors and dress them up a bit with bold hardware. Look for a fun texture on wooden shelves. Or, choose quartz countertops with an interesting pattern.

Modern Gadgets

Smart kitchens are rapidly making their way into homes. You can integrate technology into almost every part of the kitchen from the refrigerator to the lights. When used properly, these wi-fi enabled gadgets can improve your life. Imagine having your phone alert you when the roast is done or having your refrigerator automatically add milk to the digital shopping list on your computer.

You deserve a beautiful dream kitchen that looks as lovely as it is practical. With our experienced contractors on the job, your kitchen renovation will go faster than you can believe. Those considering kitchen remodeling projects this year can get a FREE in-home consultation and price estimate from Selig Construction. Get started on your new kitchen by calling one of our friendly representatives or fill out our online quote form today!