Walk-In Tubs


Selig Construction offers premium walk-in tubs. Each tub is created with quality parts and hardware, making them sturdy and reliable. Our tubs are carefully designed with contoured seats so you can sit down and stand up with ease. Our no leak door system provides a watertight seal for year after year.

Our walk-in tubs are carefully designed to provide ultimate comfort and accessibility. You can be sure you’ll find your perfect tub as we offer custom sizes and features specified to your individual needs. Just open the door and experience the wonder of Selig tubs.

Why Selig Walk-in Tubs?

Selig tubs are the best choice for your walk-in tub needs. With Selig tubs you no longer have to worry about safety and dependable operation. Several companies sell walk-in tubs, but we go a step further and promote a safer more enjoyable lifestyle.

We only use the highest quality materials for ultimate comfort and reliability. We also stay current and provide the latest technologies for walk-in tubs. Our tubs are easily operated, require little to no maintenance, and are quickly installed. The tubs that are hydro jet power with warming technology provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.

You can feel safe with our tubs because they have easy walk in doors and are slip resistant. We provide a lifetime warranty on leaks, labor, and replacement parts. All of our tubs are inspected before shipment so you know you are getting the best product out there.

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